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Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Inc.® is a stand-alone Corporation without members, whose Board of Directors are appointed by the AKC-recognized breed parent club, Australian Cattle Dog Club of America Inc.® Although the rescue organization has been in existence for many years as a committee of the national club, we were incorporated in the state of California in 2000. Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Inc.® is an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit corporation.

The purpose of this corporation is to provide education and charitable assistance to the general public on the proper care, maintenance, fostering and adoption of pure bred Australian Cattle Dogs. Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Inc.® rescues pure bred Australian Cattle Dogs in the United States and Canada from imminent death at animal shelters, humane societies and pounds, and from owners who can no longer keep their dogs, and place the dog into a new and permanent adoptive home.

Our main goal is to rescue and rehome as many purebred ACDs as we can. Please read our guidelines at and Specific Duties.pdf

*NOTE*   Before you consider giving up your ACD, please realize that foster home space is always at a premium and priority is given to shelter dogs in need. We do recognize that there are times when an owner has no other choice but to relinquish their dog. We will assess each circumstance, case by case, and will assist in other ways if we are unable to put the dog into foster care.

Also, please understand that our guidelines require that all dogs going into the program must be evaluated as having a good temperament and show no aggressiveness towards dogs or people. Snapping or/or fear biting is unacceptable.

We are grateful to Mid Florida ACD Rescue for allowing us to link to this valuable information.

Because of generous donations received, ACDRI is in a position of being able to offer financial assistance to individuals or groups rescuing purebred Australian Cattle Dogs for major medical expenses that go beyond a routine examination. To learn more about the policies that govern our application process, or to apply for financial assistance click here.

Our main goal is to rescue and rehome as many purebred ACDs as we can. . A copy of our corporation bylaws can be viewed here.

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Send check/money order to:
Ellen Beasley, President
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